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Five benefits of integrated medical groups

Choosing a clinician can be a daunting experience. With so much information available in the digital era β€” some true and some false β€” it’s hard to determine the right fit.

It's even more difficult if you suffer from a multitude of conditions. But it doesn't have to be.

Aside from employing the best clinicians, integrated medical groups offer superior care in today's outcomes-based world, especially those that are a part of a health system. Here are the top reasons to choose a physician within an integrated multispecialty group for your care.

1. Better communication among your physicians

Seeing aligned doctors allows them to work collaboratively, ensuring you receive efficient care at the right time. Medical groups utilize a common electronic health record that facilitates sharing of information. Improved communication almost always improves outcomes.

2. Access to new treatments and technology

Not only will you have access to additional physicians and experts, but increased access to new treatments and technologies as well. Integrated medical groups combine the assets of a particular health care organization. Northwell Health Physician Partners, for example, is involved with the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research to offer the most recent advances to patient care. New technologies expand clinical skills, improve communication and provide access to patient health information.

3. Coordinated care

Integrated medical groups employ physicians who practice in hospital and ambulatory settings, so there is no disruption in care when being admitted or discharged. Working as a team improves efficiency and quality.

4. Higher standards of quality monitoring

Integrated medical groups have more resources to devote to monitoring and improving the care provided.

5. Additional clinical resources

As part of a broader health system, physicians in an integrated group can draw on a wider array of clinical services. These may include things like home care, diabetes education, smoking cessation, cardiac rehabilitation, and others. It's no longer just visiting your doctor when you are sick. Instead, clinicians can come to your home or provide the necessary education to keep you well.

Ira S.Nash, MD, is senior vice president and executive director of Northwell Health Physician Partners, one of the top 10 largest medical groups in the nation with more than 100 specialties. He joined Northwell in 2012 as vice president and medical director of Physician and Ambulatory Network Services in which he oversaw patient care delivery and quality. He came to Northwell after serving in various leadership roles in the Mount Sinai Health System, including associate director of the Zena and Michael Wiener Cardiovascular Institute, chief of internal medicine at the affiliated James J. Peters' Veterans Affairs Medical Center and chief medical officer and senior vice president for medical affairs.

"Medical groups utilize a common electronic health record that facilitates sharing of information. Improved communication almost always improves outcomes."
β€” Ira S. Nash
Northwell Health Physician Partners has doctors in more than 100 specialties.
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