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Northwell’s second annual Safe Patient Handling Olympics joined clinicians from 14 hospitals to evaluate proper patient safety.
Two studies are testing the efficacy of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) for preventing tumor regrowth for one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer – glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).
North Shore University Hospital is one of only two cardiac programs in the US and Canada recognized for top performance by Society of Thoracic Surgeons.
North Fork Radiology in Riverhead has agreed to join Northwell Health and change its name to Northwell Health Imaging at North Fork.
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Lenox Hill Hospital’s Stephen Nicholas, MD, explains to Fox 5 how a new blood test may help doctors detect cancer within just 10 minutes.
Lenox Hill’s Stephen Nicholas, MD, discusses the medical breakthrough and what it means for future fertility options.
Keri Peterson, MD, discusses the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations for buying toys.
Lenox Hill Hospital’s Keri Peterson, MD, explains how hospitals are using rubber floors, soundproofing and other new guidelines to help patients get a good night’s sleep.
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Bad leadership can have toxic impacts on an executive and organization. Avoid these "don'ts" for effective leadership.
Sandeep Kapoor, MD: To effectively reverse opioid and alcohol addiction, we must change the way our doctors and clinical teams are practicing medicine.
As burnout continues to impact physicians nationwide, Northwell is working hard to address the issue via resiliency programs.
Northwell offers free and confidential collaborative counseling to assist staff with stress reduction, burnout prevention and anger management skills.
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Parkinson’s disease was interfering with life, but deep brain stimulation put William Bridges back on the dance floor.
A novel rehab regimen revitalized Chen Lie after she suffered a stroke.
Brachytherapy can help men with prostate cancer to avoid surgery and enjoy a quick recovery. Radioactive seed therapy has returned 80-year-old Larry Fenster to his normal life after prostate cancer.
After osteoarthritis deteriorated Margaret Tapogna’s left hip, replacement surgery helped her get back on the dance floor.
Editors choice: Spotlight on physician burnout
Northwell responds to the epidemic impacting physicians across the US. Burnout has negatively influenced patient experiences and even led to suicide.
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