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Xybion Corporation partners with Northwell Health to strengthen workforce safety at its hospitals and outpatient facilities.
Michael Dowling, Steve Pemberton remarks highlight Northwell Health’s 49th annual remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
UV disinfection technology used to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections eliminated up to 97.7 percent of pathogens in operating rooms.
Northwell Health Imaging at Smithtown has been named a 2018 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award winner for achieving top patient experience scores.
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Drs. Fromer and Matthew Gorski weigh in on study findings on a treatment for the leading cause of vision loss in seniors in HealthDay.
Elena Ivanina, MD, discusses stomach pain that won't go away with the Huffington Post.
Drs. Glatter and Harshal Kirane discuss a new study that suggests more must be done to curb opioid prescribing by doctors in rural America.
Donna Armellino tells Infection Control Today that UV technology can optimize cleanliness and decrease pathogens that may cause infection.
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If you know someone who has a substance misuse problem, you can make a difference with the right tools and information.
Millions of people are impacted by human trafficking worldwide each year. The blueprint to making effective change starts with education.
Chronic fatigue can have several causes, and while some require medical treatment, many can be remedied by lifestyle changes.
As winter weather approaches, make sure you know how to prevent and treat common health issues created by the cold weather.
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Patty Conklin has lived with a congenital hip birth defect for decades of her life until she received treatment from orthopedic specialists at Syosset Hospital.
Multiple procedures by the Little Baby Face Foundation and Lenox Hill surgeons have given Jared Galicia a new outlook.
Josephine Serino resumed her daily life after Southside Hospital uncovered a misdiagnosis and performed a carotid endarterectomy to remove dangerous plaque in her arteries.
Growing worrisome as each mass was removed from her breast, Liliana Uruburo found comprehensive care from Lenox Hill's new BRCA Center to put her mind at ease.
Editor's choice: Spotlight on physician burnout
Northwell responds to the epidemic impacting physicians across the US. Burnout has negatively influenced patient experiences and even led to suicide.
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