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What is Motor cortex stimulation (MCS)?

The motor cortex is an area of your brain that controls movements. During a motor cortex stimulation (MCS) procedure, your medical team places one or more electrodes on the surface of your primary motor cortex. The electrodes will send electrical impulses that are designed to stimulate your brain in an attempt to provide relief from the pain you are experiencing. While this procedure can’t cure your pain, it often provides significant relief from symptoms.

Why it's done

Intractable central pain syndromes occur when your brain sends the wrong signal to your nerves. If you experience phantom limb pain, pain associated with stroke or atypical intractable facial pain, your healthcare team will work on a number of approaches to help you relieve your pain, including medication and other pain management techniques. If these approaches aren’t working for you, you may be a candidate for MCS.

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