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What is a baclofen pump?

One common treatment for back pain is a baclofen pump. Baclofen is a medication that treats back spasms by improving hyperactive reflexes. Baclofen can be taken orally, but for persistent or strong pain, a baclofen pump may be recommended.

Why it's done

This approach is less invasive than surgery, and it often provides positive results for patients who qualify for the treatment.

Our approach

Back and spinal pain can range from mildly frustrating to extremely painful. There are many spinal treatments that can help, and your healthcare team will work closely with you to evaluate your condition and to recommend the right approach for treatment. We’ll determine if a baclofen makes sense for you.

What to expect

Your doctor will insert a small pump and medicine-filled reservoir under your skin. A thin tube, or catheter, connects from the pump to the spine where the medication is released into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord.

The pump has a long-lasting battery, and your doctor can communicate with the pump via computer. With the baclofen pump, your spine will have regulated access to baclofen doses.

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