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Improving your quality of life
Our specialty-trained team of movement disorder specialists is dedicated to delivering knowledgeable, thorough and considerate care by providing excellence in diagnosis and treatment.
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Northwell Health’s Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center offers the right care, at the right time, over time. The care offered at our center goes beyond an outpatient office visit-we understand that Parkinson’s is a lifelong, progressive illness that affects not only the person with the illness, but also their spouse, family, friends and caregivers. 

Recognizing that a patient’s family and support system is a key element to their treatment and success, we offer ongoing support and education to help everyone involved manage the stresses related to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. This includes identifying community resources and other organizations dedicated to providing support services, including those that offer companionship, socialization and food and meal delivery services, among others. 

The Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center multidisciplinary team includes specialty-trained, board-certified neurologists and neurosurgeons, as well as nurse practitioners, nurses, neuropsychologists and social workers. The Center closely collaborates with Northwell’s Rehabilitation Network, including occupational, physical, speech and other therapists, all dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s disease lead active and satisfying lives. When a patient’s life needs to be rearranged or reorganized because of the progression of their illness, all of these specialists work together to develop strategies to help improve quality of life.

Founded on patient-centered, family-centric care, the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center team is here for you and your loved ones, from diagnosis to treatment, and everything else in-between.

Treating a full range of conditions

Movement disorders are neurologic conditions that can result in spasticity, rigidity, tremor, involuntary movement and ataxia (a group of neurologic disorders that affect balance, coordination and speech). When you have a movement disorder or disease, it can affect every aspect of your life.

At the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center, part of the Northwell Health Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery, we are improving the lives of our patients by providing treatments for a wide variety of movement disorders.

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