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A dedicated team
As one of the leading hyperhidrosis centers in the country, we are staffed with a senior neurosurgeon and thoracic surgeon, both of who have many years of experience in treating this relatively uncommon condition.
What can we help you find?

Our approach

Excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, can be very disabling and can significantly affect your professional and personal activities. Our hyperhidrosis specialists use the most sophisticated techniques for the treatment of excessive sweating. 

Most patients who come to our center have already tried various local and systemic (by mouth) therapies. In carefully selected severe cases of hyperhidrosis, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery is very effective. This is especially so in patients in whom palmar hyperhidrosis is the primary problem. This surgery is performed by a collaborative surgical team that is highly experienced in endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS)—a minimally invasive surgical procedure that has an extremely high success rate in properly selected patients.

Our staff is dedicated to educating the next generation of medical professionals at our renowned medical school.

We’re empowering imagination and supporting pioneering discovery to transform our field and create a better tomorrow.

With our FollowMyHealth™ Patient Portal, you can enjoy the convenience of accessing your medical records and health information—anywhere, anytime.

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