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A screen showing scans of brains
We're here for you
Whether you have a ruptured or unruptured brain aneurysm, our knowledgeable team will provide you with the most advanced treatment options, giving you the best chance for a successful outcome.
What can we help you find?

Why choose us?

  • 24/7 capability to accept patient transfers
  • Diagnostic imaging services, including CT angiography and 3D angiography
  • Neuro-interventional radiology services, such as aneurysm coiling, stent placement and arteriovenous malformation embolization
  • Neurosurgery services, such as micro-neurosurgical aneurysm clipping, cerebral bypass, ventriculostomy and cerebrospinal fluid stunting

The Lenox Bypass™

The Lenox Bypass is a new type of intracranial (occurring within the skull) bypass developed at Lenox Hill Hospital. This innovative procedure improves the safety of aneurysm treatment by avoiding neck incisions, drilling into the skull and using long blood vessels required in traditional procedures. The creation of the Lenox Bypass was made possible by the unique, team-based approach of Northwell Health physicians, working collaboratively across departments.

true story
A retired captain with the NYC Fire Department fights back after a devastating diagnosis.

Get involved

Each year, the Center for Cerebrovascular and Neuroendovascular Surgery organizes a Brain Aneurysm Awareness Walk in conjunction with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. This event draws patients, family and caregivers in the spirit of community and education.

Nearly 1,000 participants helped raise $90,000 at the 10th annual Northwell Health Brain Aneurysm Center Walk in September.
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Nearly 1,000 participants helped raise $90,000 at the 10th annual Northwell Health Brain Aneurysm Center Walk in September.
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