Financial assistance

Financial assistance

Residents of Long Island and New York City are eligible to receive financial aid as part of our ongoing mission to improve health care in the communities we serve. If you reside in our service area and are ineligible for public health assistance, we want to help you settle your account balance.

Our income-restricted programs help patients who are uninsured, are not fully covered for a service or have an insurance claim denied. Whether you need assistance paying for a single procedure or ongoing care, we’ll work closely with you to provide a plan suitable to you and your family’s needs.

We offer two financial aid programs to our patients:

If you need help determining which program is right for you, please call the Financial Assistance Unit at (800) 995-5727 our use our online contact form.


(800) 995-5727

Are you eligible?

Call the Financial Assistance Unit to find out if you qualify for any of our financial aid programs or to arrange a payment plan.

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