Patient care that’s
truly “vision”-

Our advanced TeleHealth surveillance system provides round-the-clock, proactive patient monitoring.

TeleHealth medicine, including Telestroke, uses bidirectional audio/visual technology to enable real-time conversations between patients and treatment teams so care can begin immediately. Because when every second matters, waiting is not an option.

And TeleHealth connects patients with their families, even if they’re in different locations.

By using this technology at hospitals throughout Northwell Health for stroke, psychiatry, ER and other critical-care patients, we’ve been increasing access to health care, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

No matter what time it is, we’ve got you covered.

When we deployed a cutting-edge TeleHealth system in intensive care units (ICUs) in three Northwell Health hospitals, they were the first in the New York metropolitan area to offer 24/7 remote monitoring of patients by critical-care physicians and nurses

Building on a great idea, Dr. Martin Doerfler and his team saw this innovative technology’s potential to go beyond a virtual view of patients. They used patient analytics to enable TeleHealth physician and nurse teams to alert bedside medical staff to trends in patients’ conditions that might lead to infections, heart attacks or strokes.

Our goal? Keeping an even closer eye on our patients: every minute, every day.

The result? Since adopting the patient-centric approach to care, we’ve seen an impressive improvement in outcomes, including reductions in hospital mortality and shorter lengths of stay in the ICU.

And we’re improving bedside manner — even when a doctor isn’t actually at your bedside.

That’s what happens when 61,000 sets of eyes look at healthcare differently.

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