A higher level of care...
When every minute counts.

When it comes to emergency transport, we're taking a higher road.

Sometimes, timing truly is everything. That's why we’re looking North with SkyHealth, a state-of-the-art emergency helicopter service offering patients with critical illness or injury the fastest route to and from various medical facilities in the New York and Connecticut region.

SkyHealth has all the capabilities of an advanced intensive care unit – in the sky.

Highly skilled pilots join paramedics and critical care nurses with extensive training in time-sensitive, life-saving techniques. Our helicopter can fly over traffic at 135 miles an hour and can often cover 25 miles in only 10 minutes. The same route could take an ambulance an hour or more. Imagine what a difference those precious minutes can make.

Critical care when every moment counts.

That’s what happens when 61,000 sets of eyes look at healthcare differently.

Look North with us.

Northwell Health - Look North

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