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Reimagining the patient wristband

Patient identification is crucial to ensuring patients get the right medications, the right tests, the right procedures and the right discharge information. In hospitals across the country, patient identification wristbands haven’t changed much over the years. Until now. The Patient Identification Shield is the first alternative to the hospital wristband in decades.

Let’s stamp out the pinching. The pulling. The plastic!

Similar to a temporary tattoo, the Patient Identification Shield is a comfortable and durable skin stamp that is removed with a special solution when it’s time to leave the hospital and go home. The stamp can be applied to almost anywhere on the body, and will be available in a variety of sizes and designs. Important and unique patient information such as name, height, weight, allergies, blood type, and test and procedure information is embedded in a digital code that hospital staff securely accesses through a smartphone or special reader.

Traditional wristband functionality is being taken to new, high-tech heights. Soon to be tested in the cardiothoracic surgery and pediatrics/neonatal delivery rooms at Lenox Hill Hospital, the Patient Identification Shield is yet another way Northwell Health is innovating for patient safety, care and comfort.

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