Our "Welcome to the World" means so much more than just “hello.”

Where others may simply see newborn babies, we see people we’ll be looking after, and keeping healthy, their whole lives.

We warmly welcome Austin Joseph, Nadav, Genesis, Nadine and each and every one of the 42,000 babies that will be born at Northwell Health this year.

Sleep tight, little ones, knowing our "welcome" is more than simply a "welcome to the world." It's a promise that 61,000 sets of eyes across a system of 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities have set their sights on keeping you well.

Michael, Connor John, Julius -- you are among the reasons we’ve helped innovate a microchip that can help bodies heal themselves… why we’ve patented hospital curtains that help reduce the spread of infection…. and why we’ve created No Pass Zones developed to improve every minute of a stay at our hospitals. For you, for your loved ones, and for our communities –we’ll never stop looking for better ways, brighter innovations, and bigger breakthroughs. This is our promise to you.

So welcome, little ones … to the new standard of health care.

That’s what happens when 61,000 sets of eyes look at healthcare differently.

Look North with us.

Northwell Health - Look North

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