A “MAGEC” treatment for scoliosis—
without multiple surgeries

Replacing the scalpel with a pain-free magnet.

For children diagnosed with severe curvatures of the spine caused by scoliosis, the only treatment option has been the surgical insertion of metal rods with follow-up surgeries every six months. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a revolutionary new approach to treating severe scoliosis, boys and girls with the progressive condition could get healthy, effective spinal readjustment as they grow—without ongoing surgeries.

Replacing surgery with magnets

Magnetic Expansion Control Spinal Bracing System (MAGEC) is an advanced treatment for severe scoliosis that uses implanted magnetic rods to correct curvatures of the spine. Using rods that can be lengthened magnetically during a painless, noninvasive outpatient procedure, MAGEC eliminates the need for repeat surgeries and lengthy recovery time. With this advanced approach to scoliosis treatment, young patients get custom management of their growth so that they can develop in a way that’s right for them. 

Saving children and young adults from having to undergo multiple surgeries – that’s what innovation is all about.

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