How does moving a nursing station move patient care forward?

We don’t always have to move mountains to transform patient care. This time, we just moved the nursing stations.

When you’re a patient at a hospital, it’s reassuring to know that your nurse is nearby.

That’s why, at Northwell Health, we’re moving nursing stations from a single, centralized hub to locations directly outside patient rooms. This puts many of the things that improve care — including medication cabinets, computers and important supplies — closer to patients.

This innovation, called decentralized nursing, creates smaller, calmer, easier-to-access stations that allow nurses to spend even more time at your bedside. By combining technology with redesigned geography, we can deliver even better care while improving patient safety.

Decentralized nursing means care is more central to you.

At Northwell Health, we’re committed to putting our focus on your comfort and safety. With innovations like decentralized nursing, we’re empowering our team to raise the standard of healthcare and do what they do best — care for you.

A nursing model for the future.

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