A groundbreaking
bioelectronic approach
to manage bleeding.

A jump start for better, safer wound control

Harnessing electronic impulses in the body to manage and control medical conditions has been successful in devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators. Today, we’re taking bioelectronic medicine to a revolutionary new level with a device that promises to change how blood loss can be staunched in the operating room, in trauma situations and on the combat field.

Super-charged platelets stop the bleeding and save lives.

Our expertise in molecular medicine, neurophysiology and biomedical engineering led to the discovery and development of nerve-stimulating and sensing technologies that regulate blood flow and clotting; and the Blood Loss Manager device was conceived. The Blood Loss Manager stimulates the vagus nerve (which goes from the brainstem to the abdomen) through the skin, sending a signal to the platelets — which form clots to slow bleeding — to respond more quickly to a wound.

The Blood Loss Manager possibilities are far reaching: Surgery. Emergency medicine. Obstetrics. Combat casualty care.

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