We know
where emergencies happen.
Before they happen.

With our technology, we're beating emergencies to the starting line.

When you’re experiencing a medical emergency, response time is crucial and every second counts. Using the most advanced routing technology — called geospatial predictive modeling — Northwell Health’s Center for Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) is getting to patients faster than ever before.

It’s like ESP for EMS

Covering more than 1,800 square miles throughout the five boroughs and Long Island, Northwell Health’s CEMS uses smart routing tools to determine which areas are most in need of staff and resources. As one of the first healthcare systems in New York State to use this solution, we can be on the scene before help is even needed. And because important information can be shared with hospital staff while en route to the emergency room, potentially lifesaving care can be delivered faster than ever before.

Have you seen that Northwell ambulance parked on a corner? Now you know why. It’s waiting in a high-risk area to save time — and lives.

That’s what happens when 61,000 sets of eyes look at healthcare differently.

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