Transformational “bioprinter"
produces living, functional
3D tissue replacements.

A revolutionary new way to "print" living cells and tissues

This isn’t the latest sci-fi blockbuster; it’s simply a day at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research where we’re creating customized, live medical implants. Combining two emerging fields — 3D printing and tissue engineering — Feinstein Institute researchers are developing a “bioprinted” implant design that uses a patient’s own living cells.

The future is sooner than you think.

We're working to develop alternatives to many traditional medical treatments, including researching ways to create living tissue made of bone or cartilage. Bioprinting has the potential to replace many different parts of the human body. We envision a not-too-distant future with 3D printers in every emergency room and doctors printing functional organ and bone implants.

This isn’t science fiction. It’s real science, right now, at Northwell Health.

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