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We see genomics differently
We’re partnering with our community to change the future of cancer treatment. Using our widespread Cohen Children’s network, we’ve assembled one of the world’s most diverse databases of DNA profiles from children with cancer and their relatives. 
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Who we are

We are innovators

Our researchers follow individuals and families over time and analyze their findings to better understand how minor changes in genes and proteins can affect genetic development. These discoveries will lead not only to better pediatric cancer treatments, but to better care for adult patients across our entire system and beyond.

Being innovative means embracing the new, the bold and the unexpected. We set the bar high, then higher still. At Northwell Health, we’re leading the way toward a new standard of health care. How do we do it? See for yourself.

The field of human genetics and genomics is always expanding, and our findings are leading to new understandings of many diseases and conditions.

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We’re linking genomic information with clinical outcomes in order to better understand, diagnose and treat cancer. 

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Families find hope at Cohen Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorder Center, which offers a comprehensive network of highly specialized treatment and support services.

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Our story

We’re on a journey to defeat cancer by collecting and analyzing genetic data on an unprecedented scale. 

Past Present Future

Collect genetic data

Using our widespread network, we collected one of the world’s most diverse databases of DNA profiles from children with cancer and their relatives.

Track and analyze data

We’re tracking children’s genetic development, while analyzing the effects of family history, environmental conditions and cancer treatments.

Develop innovative treatments

This should grow into one of the country’s largest genomics projects, leading to fascinating breakthroughs in pediatric and adult cancer treatment.