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Young girl in hospital with pet therapy dog.
Innovation happens when there's care behind the cure
At Northwell Health, our compassion for the human condition drives our passion for medical innovation. With equal parts cure and care, we are redefining the patient experience. 
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Who we are

Northwell Health is New York state’s largest healthcare provider, with 23 hospitals, more than 750 outpatient facilities and nearly 13,600 affiliated physicians. We’re here to set the standard of care for our communities—and make the 2 million-plus patients we treat every year not only healthier, but happier. With over 70,000 employees, we have the brainpower to dream up new possibilities, and the manpower to make them a reality.

We're on a mission

Our Look North philosophy goes hand in hand with our mission to always look forward—not only on a medical level, but also on a personal level. We’re people just like you. So we’re driven to change health care for the better—for all of us. To pave the way for the future of medicine at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, and train the next generation of medical professionals at the visionary Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. So disease can be overcome, and loved ones can rest easy.

We’re focused on discovering medical breakthroughs so our patients can cherish more of the day-to-day moments they treasure. Our ever-advancing science is dedicated to putting more smiles on healthier faces. We’re devoted to being the best so you can feel your best. Because Looking North is more than just part of a mission. It’s our prescription for bringing you back to the things you love.

We believe in innovation that cures and cares.

A debilitating condition held 13-year-old Brianna back for most of her life. But Northwell not only performed surgery that made it possible for her to use a bionic arm, they also thought about how she should grow into her future prosthetics. 

When Gina was diagnosed with colon cancer
while pregnant, she faced the reality that
conventional surgery could harm her baby girl.
But with the precision of robotic surgery,
doctors were able to save them both.

Knowing how overwhelming aftercare instructions can be, especially after brain surgery, neurosurgeons created an intuitive streaming video system that allowed Kathy and her husband Mike to watch their past conversations, ensuring a smooth recovery. 

We're 100% devoted to raising the standard of health care.

We brought together world-class resources in prosthetics, aerospace and 3D printing to create a first-of-its-kind amphibious prosthetic leg—returning an injured veteran to the water so he could swim with his kids.

Yvonne Fleming, the woman with a bright smile and kind soul, became Long Island's first ever heart transplant recipient after being diagnosed with ischemic cardiomyopathy, a type of advanced heart failure.

Our cardiac programs sees more hearts than anyone else in New York—which means we’re more prepared to see the hearts we haven’t seen yet.