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Outside entrance of Lenox health Greenwich village during dusk
On the outside, we’re a historic bedrock of the New York landscape.
But on the inside, we’re taking a brand-new approach to health care.

About us

Lenox Health Greenwich Village is a state-of-the-art medical complex located in Greenwich Village. Lenox Health Greenwich Village, part of Northwell Health, represents a new model of community-based care that seamlessly integrates health and wellness services with access to 24-hour emergency care and a full range of medical specialists. The facility currently includes a freestanding emergency department, which is a division of Lenox Hill Hospital, a patient service center for blood collection and a state-of-the-art outpatient imaging center. 

Northwell Health is committed to providing community-based care. In this model, care is tailored to the needs and requests of the community we serve and our physicians work alongside local doctors to build ties to benefit patient care. To follow this model of care, we have coupled extensive research with input from community members and local physicians in planning the future state or services available at the Lenox Health Greenwich Village.

When you come to the Lenox Health Greenwich Village, you are not limited to the experience of the skilled staff members on site. All of our patients benefit from the collective knowledge of Northwell Health’s 200 emergency physicians, more than 300 paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and approximately 2,000 emergency department staff, who have gained their experience from operating 14 emergency departments that have treated nearly 665,000 people and transported more than 102,000 patients in 2013 alone.

Wait times

Shorter wait times for faster recovery

We believe that emergencies require immediate help - period. That's why our freestanding emergency department boasts short wait times to get you the help you need, when you need it. 

Our building's history

Lenox Health Greenwich Village resides in the landmarked National Maritime Union Building, built in 1964. Once named the Joseph Curran Building in honor of the National Maritime Union’s founder, the six-story structure is an architectural fixture in Greenwich Village. The nautical-inspired building is most widely recognized by its porthole-shaped windows and a rooftop bulkhead resembling a steamship smokestack.

Originally sold in 1974 and renamed the Edward and Theresa O’Toole Medical Services Building, the facility was donated to Northwell Health in 2011.

Renovation of this facility has been a unique undertaking for a health system, with Northwell Health leadership seeking to balance the restoration of a unique aspect of the Village community with the creation of a modern emergency department to serve its population.

How did we renovate a 1960s building into a 21st century medical facility?

The $150 million project included a dramatic transformation of the interior to design an experience of emergency care unmatched in New York City, with upper floors that will house doctors’ offices, rehabilitation facilities, imaging services and same-day surgery suites.

Through consultation with the building’s original architect, Albert C. Ledner, the team restored the exterior to much of the original design and was even able to make a modification that the architect had in his original plans but had been altered – the removal of the tile cladding to the building exterior and replacement with a fresh coat of vanilla ice cream-colored paint.

The next 50 years

As it begins its next half-century, the O’Toole Building has entered its third incarnation as home of Lenox Health Greenwich Village, bringing a model of emergency care and ambulatory services as distinctive as its community and architecture.


Alex Hellinger

Executive Director - Lenox Health Greenwich Village

Community relations

Wayne Kawadler
Director, Community Relations

Emergency department

Eric Cruzen, MD, MBA
Chairman, Emergency Department

Peter Glennon  
Assistant Director, Nursing, Emergency Department

Megan McNutt     
Senior Administrative Manager, Emergency Department

Stephanie Viviano
Administrative Manager, Outpatient Services, Emergency Department

Imaging suite

Kavita Patel, MD
Medical Director, Radiology

Danilya Collao
Administrative Manager, Radiology


Peter McCann, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Orthopaedics

Kimorine Campbell
Senior Administrative Manager, Orthopaedics

Community physicians

Warren Licht, MD
Director, Medical Affairs, VP, Ambulatory Operations

Medical pavilion

Frances Lee 
Senior Administrative Manager


Andrew Chambers
Administrative Director, Clinical Labs


Avani Patel
Pathological Technologist, Labs/Chemistry


Robert Catalano
Dir, Support Services