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Take charge of your heart health

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States, but more women actually die from this disease each year than men. The good news is that 75 to 80 percent of your heart disease can be modified, which means your heart health can be in your hands. Take five minutes to understand your own risk of heart conditions with our online assessment.

Heart disease is different in women than in men. The Women’s Heart Health Program includes the renowned cardiac services of Northwell Health with a focus on your unique healthcare needs as a woman. Our integrated approach means that you benefit from the expertise of a diverse group of specialists, as well as the most advanced technology for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions. We work closely with your primary care physician, including your internist and obstetrician/gynecologist, to coordinate your care.


We treat behavioral issues that often accompany heart disease, such as anxiety, depression, anger, cognitive impairment and substance abuse. We also assist you in adhering to treatments, adjusting to life following a cardiac event and balancing work and personal issues to minimize stress.

Hypertension is among the most common medical problems encountered in pregnancy. Learn about pregnancy-induced hypertension.

You will benefit from a broad selection of integrative therapies and services that offer a holistic approach to care—body, mind and spirit—to address women’s heart health. Learn about the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine.

If you're undergoing or have undergone cancer treatment, you may be at increased risk for heart disease. We collaborate with Northwell Health Cancer Institute to assess your individual risk for cardiac side effects related to cancer treatment.


Our registered dietitian (RD) will review your eating habits, assess your nutritional intake, discuss your goals and develop a personalized nutrition plan. The RD will also provide nutrition education for disease prevention and counseling for heart disease.

Our WomenHeart Support Network offers support groups for women with heart disease. WomenHeart meets in locations serving Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Manhattan. All women who have cardiac conditions or are at risk for heart disease are welcome.

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Partnering for your health

Northwell Health is proud to support the American Heart Association and its successful Go Red™ For Women movement to improve women’s heart health.

The Katz Institute for Women’s Health is a founding member of the National Hospital Alliance of WomenHeart. The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is the nation’s only patient organization supporting women living with or at risk for heart disease. Northwell Health and WomenHeart are partners in advancing women’s heart health through advocacy, community education and patient support.

The Women’s Heart Health Program is generously funded by Nanci & Larry Roth/Roth Family Foundation. If you would like to partner with us in supporting women’s heart health, visit the Northwell Health Foundation.

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