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White mug is filled with coffee on a wooden table next to a small notebook that says "To Do list" followed by a list of 5 items that starts with "Make Saturday dinner reservations"
Just one more thing...You!
We know it's not always easy balancing life's many obligations—but we need you to do just one more thing. And it's an important one: Take care of yourself the way you take care of everyone else. Be sure YOU have a place on your to-do list.    

A conference for all women

At the Katz Institute for Women's Health, we are a champion for women’s health and wellness. We are passionately dedicated to giving women of all ages the tools, information and support they need to make the healthiest choices in every area of their lives—from the foods they eat to the screenings and treatments they receive. We are building a better, kinder and smarter culture of care for you and the women you love.

That's why we want you to do just one more thing. Take time out for yourself so you can take care of all of the important things—and important people—in your life. Sound impossible? It's easier than you think! Taking care of your health can start with something small, easy and even fun. Especially with a little help from the Katz Institute. 

Join us at our Celebrating Women's Health: 2018 conference which features fun and educational workshops for women. Our physicians and other medical professionals offer up great information on all kinds of women's health topics, including breast and bone health, cancer genetics and prevention, skin care, sleeping, aging, weight management, heart health and so much more.

Our conference is an enjoyable, information-packed day with continental breakfast, lunch, workshops and a gift bag. Who knew getting healthy could be so much fun?

Dr. Ashton is the two-time Emmy Award winning chief medical correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America and the author of award-winning, The Body Scoop for Girls as well as a monthly feature column, "Ask Dr. Ashton" in Cosmopolitan magazine.

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Women's conference 2018

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