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We see women's health differently
At the Katz Institute, we know that women's health needs are unique. That's why we offer a healthcare connection for all women. We’re raising the standard of healthcare through clinical services, community health programs, education and research.
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Go Red for Women
We're empowering women to make heart-healthy decisions by educating them on the prevention, recognition and treatment of heart disease. And we're making it fun! Come join us at a Go Red event near you and see for yourself.
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Our women's health events
Power yourself with the knowledge to make better health decisions. Join us at one of our educational events in your community.
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“There’s a lot of health information out there, and it’s often hard to figure out the right answers to your questions. We see women’s health differently, and we're here to be your trusted source on health and wellness—at every age.”
- Stacey E. Rosen, MD
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While heart disease is the most common cause of death for both women and men in the United States, it’s also largely preventable. Find out more about…
Read our wellness tips for the new year from experts at the Katz Institute for Women’s Health to make the most of 2018.
Learn the importance of women’s heart health from the experts at Katz Institute for Women’s Health, part of Northwell Health.
Strategies for helping caregivers juggle the challenges of caring for a sick or frail loved one.
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Heart Smart for Women book is shown with beach background. Book subheading says Six Steps/Six Weeks to Heart Healthy Living.
Guide to heart healthy living

Heart Smart for Women

Leading cardiologists Dr. Jennifer H. Mieres and Dr. Stacey E. Rosen offer up a practical, essential guide to heart-healthy living. You can be six steps and six weeks away from a healthier heart. Available where books are sold.

Show your heart by going red on February 2

February is American Heart Month, and the Katz Institute for Women’s Health, along with the American Heart Association, encourage you to learn more, get involved and take action when it comes to the very important topic of heart health.

Northwell Health is a sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement. On Friday, February 2, women across New York and the United States will wear red to make a statement to help prevent heart disease and stroke. We encourage you to join us by wearing red and by participating in one or more of our upcoming events on the topic of heart health, including heart health screenings, lectures and more.

Keep an eye on your Vitamin D Levels

During the winter months, we’re exposed to less ultraviolet rays from sunlight, which can result in decreased vitamin D production. Along with promoting calcium absorption to support bone health, vitamin D is also important for immune function and muscle strength and may be protective against type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. While vitamin D is available in supplement form, it is more easily absorbed through food sources, including fatty fish (salmon, tuna, and mackerel), cheese, egg yolks, mushrooms and fortified milk or orange juice. Vitamin D supplement dosages vary depending on the individual need. Discuss your requirements with your personal physician.

Power up with Pilates

Are you looking for a way to increase strength and flexibility? Why not consider Pilates? This system of exercises was designed to stretch and strengthen the abdominal and trunk muscles, known as the “core.” The first adopters of Pilates were ballet dancers looking for a way to improve posture and control movement. Today, a growing number of individuals, at all fitness levels, are incorporating Pilates into their physical activity programs. Because good form is essential to reap the benefits of the exercises, it’s important to choose a class taught by a certified instructor. Find out more about how physical activity, like Pilates, fits into an integrative medicine plan for sustaining good health.

Warm Up with Soup

Whether you’re struggling with a cold or just feel worn-down from the cold weather, there’s plenty to like about a bowl of hot soup. Besides its ability to warm you up, soup also offers many health benefits. And, it’s easy to make! Toss a variety of ingredients, such as fat-free broth, vegetables, lean meat, beans and spices into a slow cooker before you leave for the day. When you return, you’ll have a delicious, satisfying dinner waiting. Soup is versatile, too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with variations on favorite recipes. Learn more healthy eating tips for life.