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We see women's health differently

At the Katz Institute, we know that women's health needs are unique. That's why we offer a healthcare connection for all women. We’re raising the standard of healthcare through clinical services, community health programs, education and research.

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Women's Conference 2018

Join us at our conference, Just One More Thing...You—Celebrating Women's Health: 2018, which features fun and educational workshops for women.

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Our women's health events

Power yourself with the knowledge to make better health decisions. Join us at one of our educational events in your community.

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“There’s a lot of health information out there, and it’s often hard to figure out the right answers to your questions. We see women’s health differently, and we're here to be your trusted source on health and wellness—at every age.”
- Stacey E. Rosen, MD
Expert insights
Read what our specialists are saying about the health topics that are important to you.
Women’s Health Week - Get expert tips on how to prioritize your health from the experts at Katz Institute for Women’s Health.
Some inherited gene mutations can raise your lifetime cancer risk. Find out if genetic counseling for cancer is right for you, from the experts at Ka…
Find out how liver disease impacts women and how to prevent it from our experts.
Learn how to maximize the success of your food choices at home with ideas inspired by National Nutrition Month.
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Download the first chapter of Heart Smart for Women
Leading cardiologists Dr. Jennifer H. Mieres and Dr. Stacey E. Rosen offer up a practical, essential guide to heart-healthy living. You can be six steps and six weeks away from a healthier heart. Complete the form below to download the first chapter.

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May 2018

Be in the know. As your trusted partner, we’re here to help you take charge of your own health and wellness. Check back each month for tips and insights from our experts.

Don’t forget the sunscreen
While sunscreen should be worn every day, it’s particularly important in the late spring and summer when skin requires extra protection from the sun’s harmful radiation. Applying sunscreen can help reduce your risk for skin cancer, premature aging and sunburns. The American Cancer Society recommends a sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV coverage with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at last 15.

Choose the right summer footwear
With the season of sunshine fast approaching, it’s important to step out safely by choosing the right footwear. Flip-flops are undeniably convenient for the beach. Yet, they are not the best choice for everyday wear. With thin soles and no support, they can cause foot pain, tendonitis and even sprained ankles if you trip. The key to healthy feet this summer is to let your feet breathe while providing them with ample support. Athletic sandals, canvas sneakers and loafers offer a cool summer look while providing the support needed to prevent injuries.

Salad for breakfast? Yes!
Cereal, toast or protein bar. Are you tired of your weekday breakfast? How about a salad? While not traditionally thought of as breakfast food, salads offer a convenient, satisfying and healthy alternative to usual breakfast-fare. And, with many benefits of choosing a primarily plant-based diet, a morning salad is a great way to enjoy your veggies and fruits. Options for creating a colorful breakfast salad are endless. Consider adding leftover vegetables from the previous night’s dinner, along with tomatoes, avocado, beans and a handful of nuts. You can even toss in an egg for extra protein.

In the news
Confirming the perceived wisdom that life in New York is more stressful than anywhere else, a new survey released by Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health care provider and private employer, found that women in the New York tri-state area are significantly more prone to stress compared to men and women nationwide...
Supermodel and actress Carol Alt joined a large gathering of doctors, nurses, former patients and those currently living with heart disease in a discussion about risk factors for cardiovascular disease and prevention efforts during Northwell Health’s annual participation in Go Red for Women...
Every year, thousands of Suffolk County women face the fear and stress of cancer treatment. Hair loss can add an extra measure of burden and discomfort to their life-threatening experience...
More than 7,000 participants helped raise a record $635,000 at four Northwell Health Walks across Long Island, Westchester and Staten Island on Sunday...
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