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Our approach

Northwell Health’s board-certified, subspecialty trained neuroradiologists provide high quality imaging, interpretation and image-guided therapies for disorders of the brain, spine, head and neck. Our neuroradiology team emphasizes high quality precision imaging and compassionate care fully integrated with medical and surgical care at Northwell Health.

Neuroradiologists diagnose vascular disorders including stroke; aneurysms, vascular malformations, infectious and inflammatory disease and neoplasms in the brain,head and neck, and spine; degenerative neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease; demyelinating and congenital disorders of the brain and spinal cord; epilepsy; cranial nerve dysfunction and trauma. Using image-guided, minimally invasive approaches, our neuroradiologists diagnose and aid in treating many neurological disorders, including vascular aneurysms, fluoroscopically-guided intrathecal chemotherapy and treatments for spinal muscular atrophy and spinal compression deformities.

Northwell neuroradiologists are board certified physicians with subspecialty certification and fellowship training in neuroradiology. Our imaging experts exclusively interpret neuroradiological exams and perform flouroscopic neuroradiological procedures. Research has shown that specialty-trained neuroradiologists improve outcomes for patients, resulting in faster procedures with less pain. 

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