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Why choose Northwell Health Imaging?

With close to 200 radiologists performing more than 2 million medical scans a year, the very latest in imaging technology, 11 spacious imaging centers across Long Island and New York City, and close integration with specialists throughout the health system, Northwell Health Imaging is uniquely prepared to get you the results you need for an accurate diagnosis.

  • Where you go matters
    Imaging is your first stop on the road to better health. Your results are critical to an accurate diagnosis, and every minute matters. Scans are quickly routed to a subspecialized radiologist so you get the results you need fast.
  • Subspecialization
    Our subspecialized radiologists are the power behind every image. They read a high volume of the same kinds of images every day—with each radiologist focusing on a specific body part or clinical area such as neurology or orthopedics—to ensure the highest level of precision.
  • We are part of your care team
    If you need care, you’ll have quick and seamless access to the rest of Northwell’s services. And our radiology specialists  aren't just reading scans—they’re part of your care team, communicating and collaborating every step of the way.

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