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How can I find out if a doctor or facility accepts my insurance?

We also recommend checking with your insurance company directly to be sure the provider or location is still covered by your plan, as this information can change or be updated at any time.

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I have insurance, so why am I getting a bill?

Even when you have insurance, you may be responsible to pay for some of the costs for your medical care.

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I was injured at work, but I'd rather not file workers' compensation. Will my own insurance plan cover the cost of my care?

No. Under the law, if you were injured at work, the only insurer we can bill for your care is the one who provides your company’s workers’ compensation coverage.

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I was injured in a car accident, but I'd rather not file a report with my car insurance company. Will my health insurance plan cover the cost of my care?

New York State requires us to bill a no-fault insurance carrier for all motor vehicle accident related care. In certain instances, if there is a balance due after the car insurance has processed a claim, we can bill your health insurance for the remaining amount due.

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