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Creating & using your account

There are alternative ways for you to verify your identity coming soon. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. 

No. A verification does not impact your credit score, credit history or credit report.

No. Northwell Health doesn’t perform a credit check to verify your identity.

No. Northwell Health does not store, share or use any of the information contained in your credit report.

If you'd like to change the email address associated with your account, please call (888) 321-DOCS and someone will help you. 

To change your password, you should go into your account settings and select a new password that is different than your previous seven passwords. It must be eight characters or longer and contain one of each: uppercase letter, lowercase letter,…

Once you verify your identity, the information you provided in the legal identity section of your profile is locked. Call (888) 321-DOCS to update or make changes to this information. 

We’re sorry, it is not possible for you to create and manage an account other than your own at this time. There can only be one person associated with your email address.

We’ve partnered with industry-leading firm Experian. Experian pulls information from multiple databases to generate a series of prompts and questions that are specific to you and your credit history. Completing this verification process will not…