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How can I pay a bill?

There are few ways to pay your bill:

Online: Paying online is the quickest and easiest way to pay a bill.

If you’re paying a bill for yourself, we recommend creating an account for a personalized experience, which will also allow for quicker access in the future. Depending on what type of bill you’re paying, you may need the account number or additional information that can be found on the paper bill. 

By phone: You can call us at (888) 214-4066 to pay a bill

By mail: You can mail in your payment with the payment stub to the appropriate location listed on your bill.

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Can you help me understand my bill?

We know that understanding a medical bill can be confusing and frustrating. We’ve pulled together some information that may help.

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How can I find out how much a service or procedure may cost?

You can use our online expense calculator to get an idea of how much a procedure or service may cost. This estimate will show how much your insurance may cover and how much you may have to pay out-of-pocket.

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How do I request an itemized bill?

To request an itemized bill, have your account number handy and call (888) 214-4066.

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