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Can you help me understand my bill?

All bills may not look exactly the same, but most bills from Northwell providers and facilities will include the following information:

Statement date: The date the bill was printed by the provider or facility.

Account or invoice number: This is your unique account or invoice number. You will need this number to pay a bill online and it’s helpful to have if you call with any questions about your bill.

Service date(s): This is the date or dates you received a medical service or procedure.

Charges: This is the total amount charged by the provider or facility for your care. This does not include any insurance payments, if applicable, or any additional payments received.

Payments/adjustments, etc.: If you have insurance, and the bill is for services covered under your insurance plan, you may see payments made by the insurance company for these medical services. If you made a payment (including a copay) at the time of service, that payment may also be shown here.

Balance/amount due: This is your patient responsibility, or the balance you owe for the services provided.

If you have other specific questions about your bill, you can call us at the appropriate phone number below.

Mather Hospital (631) 476-2801
Northern Westchester Hospital> (914) 666-1701
Peconic Bay Medical Center> (631) 548-6099
Phelps Hospital (914) 366-3133
South Oaks (631) 608-5136
All other Northwell Health hospitals (888) 214-4066
GoHealth Urgent Care (516) 321-4967 
Northwell Health Ambulance (516) 321-5686 
Northwell Health Laboratories (866) 878-9334 
Northwell Physician Partners (doctor bills) (516) 876-5555

These questions may also help you better understand your bill:

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You can use our online expense calculator to get an idea of how much a procedure or service may cost. This estimate will show how much your insurance may cover and how much you may have to pay out-of-pocket.

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How can I pay a bill?

Whether you’re paying a bill for yourself or someone else, there are a few convenient ways to pay—the quickest and easiest is to pay online.

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How do I request an itemized bill?

To request an itemized bill, have your account number handy and call (888) 214-4066.

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