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I have insurance, so why am I getting a bill?

You are responsible for paying any costs that your insurance company does not cover.

You receive a bill after the costs associated with your visit are processed by your insurance. The amount you were billed is based on what your insurance communicates to us in an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). 

Explaining key terms

copay (short for copayment) is a form of cost sharing between you and your insurer. You pay a fixed dollar amount for medical services received, and your insurance company covers the rest of the bill. Your insurance plan may specify different copay amounts for different services.

deductible is a fixed dollar amount that you need to pay within a defined period of time (your “benefits period”) before your insurer will start to make payments for covered medical services.

Coinsurance is when your insurance plan specifies that you and your insurance company will share certain care costs.