Tourette's Syndrome Treatment

Tourette's Syndrome Treatment

If you have Tourette’s syndrome, you may or may not require treatment. Many individuals live normal lives with Tourette’s. However, if you have tics that are debilitating, Tourette’s syndrome treatment is often warranted.

Non-medication options include cognitive approaches like habit-reversal therapy and biofeedback. Medications that can be effective include drugs that block the excessive dopamine activity. These dopamine-receptor blockers include medications like Risperdal, haloperidol, pimozide and olanzapine. Medications like clonidine (also used for lowering blood pressure) can be helpful in some cases, as well.

Psychiatric follow-up and medications are sometimes necessary when attention-deficit and/or compulsive behaviors are also an issue. For severe cases of Tourette’s syndrome, deep brain stimulation is being investigated as a Tourette’s syndrome treatment, but it is not yet approved by the Federal Drug Agency. 


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