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A vulvectomy is a surgical procedure used to treat or reduce the risk of vulvar cancer, a disease affecting the tissue in the vulva.
Some babies are born with two or more fingers or toes that are fused together or “webbed,” which can present limitations in the movements of the digits. Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric plastic surgeons, physicians and rehabilitation specialists works together to assess your child’s unique case and ensure the best possible treatment and recovery.
A wedge resection is a procedure that involves the surgical removal of a small, wedge-shaped piece of lung tissue to remove a small tumor. It is typically performed in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove the affected portion of lung through a few small incisions or one large incision in the chest. Then, the incision is closed and a chest tube is inserted to drain out any fluid after the operation. The chest tube is removed after the lung has healed.
Regular checkups, examinations and immunizations can help women live healthier by preventing problems before they start and by providing the knowledge to recognize risk factors.
Learn more about the dental services available at Northwell Health.
An X-ray is a medical test that uses radiation to create images of structures inside your body. X-ray images can help a physician diagnose and treat medical conditions.