Posterior Fossa Decompression

Posterior Fossa Decompression

Chiari malformations can cause a great deal of pressure on your head and neck, which can be painful to you, and also dangerous for your health. Each case is unique and requires a different approach, so your team of doctors will carefully assess your situation. They may recommend posterior fossa decompression surgery, which will relieve the pressure.

This surgery is common for patients with Chiari I malformation. During this surgery, your surgical team will look at the shape of your skull to determine how best to reconstruct it to relieve pressure caused by the Chiari malformation, while making sure that the pathways and connections between your skull and your spine are clear and healthy. This may require bone fusion, tissue removal and reinforcement with titanium.

The staff will help you make a recovery plan which will include avoiding certain physical activities and taking medications.


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