Northwell Health Labs offers comprehensive services and support for physicians, including those who are not a part of Northwell Health.  Services include training for office staff members and interfaces to connect an office’s electronic medical record (EMR) system to the laboratory’s system. Other examples of available services include:


The leading provider of physician lab order entry and results reporting, CoreConnect is a web-based application that connects physicians to the Northwell Health Labs patient database. It is an option for offices that do not have an EMR system, or offices that have an EMR that does not have the ability to order tests. There is no cost to the physician to use CoreConnect.

The laboratories team can assist in training staff, providing necessary hardware if an office does not have a computer to access the system, and in personalizing the application to each physician practice using report customization. CoreConnect is simple to install, customer-friendly and supports Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services meaningful use stage 2 regulatory requirements.

Northwell Health Labs physician portal

Northwell Health Labs Portal (powered by MphRx) is an online portal that allows physicians to view results at the individual patient level. If a patient has tests conducted anywhere in Northwell Health, including in one of the health system hospitals, the patient’s physician will be able to view their results via the portal.

Along with individual patient results, the portal also provides test descriptions, results trending and results graphing.

Test directory

Northwell Health Labs staff collaborates with clinicians to provide knowledge of, and access to, the latest testing and treatment guidance through our Test Directory. We provide clinical laboratory testing to support health care systems, hospitals, specialty clinics, and other clinical laboratories all working toward expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing. 

Technical bulletins

The technical bulletins include updates on changes to policies, procedures and test requirements.  

Result printing

For practices that require print copies of test results, Northwell Health Labs will provide printers to physician’s offices that can receive test results.

For physicians who have access to the Northwell Health network, the laboratory team can provide a barcode printer which allows the physician to order a test and have a label printed with a barcode that can be put right on the test tube or specimen.  This allows the laboratory to immediately process the specimen with no further intervention resulting in faster turn around times and reduced errors.