The sports medicine specialists work closely with the researchers at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research to improve treatments for musculoskeletal system injuries, including cartilage regeneration and repair, meniscus repair, tendon repair and bone fracture augmentation and fusion. Learn more about research projects at the Feinstein Institute.

Professional education

The Northwell Health Orthopaedic Institute offers multiple educational opportunities for health care professionals, including continuing medical education programs, surgical skill training and residency programs.

Continuing medical education

The institute holds frequent conferences and events for health care professionals.

In February 2014, the institute held the All Things Sports CME conference, focusing on advanced treatment of injured athletes. Below are some of the presentations from this event.

Fellowship opportunities

Fellowship opportunities are available for future medical professionals who are interested in sports medicine. The primary purpose of these fellowship programs is to augment the education of orthopaedic surgeons in important areas of sports medicine. Learn more about available fellowship opportunities below.

Fellowship in Sports Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital

Lenox Hill Hospital Department of Orthopaedics offers a comprehensive, ACGME-certified, one-year fellowship program in sports medicine.

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Northwell Health Orthopaedic Institute

The Orthopaedic Institute offers a full range of services — including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitative care — for illnesses and injuries affecting your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.