For problems with the hand and wrist, the site of pain may not necessarily be the cause of pain. For example, numbness in the hand could be caused by a pinched nerve in the neck and require care for this cause. For cases where there is a condition of the hand or wrist that requires treatment, the hand and wrist experts have the knowledge and skill to treat the full range of problems that can exist.

The physicians are skilled at hand and wrist surgery, including:

  • microsurgery (surgical procedures utilizing specialized operating microscopes and instruments),
  • wrist arthroscopy (a procedure used to diagnose and treat problems inside the wrist),
  • pediatric reconstruction for congenital conditions, and
  • other complex procedures.


However, they also treat many patients with non-surgical techniques. Physicians at the Orthopaedic Institute recognize that each individual case is different and requires a unique approach to care.

Often, patients with hand and wrist pain may find themselves shuttled from doctor to doctor to try to find a cause of their pain. The institute’s hand and wrist experts will take the time with each patient to determine the most appropriate care needed, even if it’s outside of their team. This includes close collaboration with colleagues across Northwell Health Health System in areas such as:

If a different specialty is needed to further evaluate the patient, the physician will ensure the referral is made and that the patient experiences a smooth transition from hand and wrist care to another specialty suited to further review the condition.

Animated video: Diagnostic wrist arthroscopy