Occupational and Environmental Medicine is a discipline where clinical medicine, toxicology, and public health converge. 

Occupational health focuses on identifying and controlling the risks arising from physical, chemical, and other workplace hazards with the goal of establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. It is a medical specialty that provides a variety of healthcare services and education to organizations and individuals to ensure that high standards of health and safety in the workplace are achieved.

Environmental health is the study of the interaction between environmental and workplace hazards and human health and illness. Holistic in nature, environmental medicine concerns individuals' chronic exposure to various stressors that can trigger a wide range of mental, physical and emotional disorders. 

Why choose us

Board certified physicians at Northwell Health's two Occupational and Environmental Medicine Centers provide consultation services for a wide spectrum of work-related injuries and exposures.  

In the early days of occupational medicine, physicians were simply reactive and primarily treated workers that were already injured or exposed to safety and environmental hazards in the workplace. Today's workplaces are becoming more complex venues. As a result, physicians at the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center are working in a highly visible role of preventing diseases and promoting wellness among workers. These are highly trained specialists who focus on preventive medicine, clinical care, disability management, research and education of America's workers. 

Occupational health and medicine partnerships

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center partners with unions, benefit funds and regional businesses to enhance the health and safety of workers and lower overall healthcare costs. With over 30 years of specialized experience, our physicians evaluate patients at our center and, when appropriate, at their worksites. Patients then return to their referring physician for treatment.

The center's services include a variety of examinations for employees such as:

  • Independent Medical Exams (IMEs)
  • Commercial Driver /DOT exams
  • Fitness-for-Duty and Return-to-Work evaluations
  • Pre-employment and pre-placement exams
  • Drug testing services
  • NFPA 1582 evaluations for firefighters


Jacqueline Moline, MD

  • Vice President, Occupational Medicine, Epidemiology and Prevention,
    Northwell Health
  • Chair of Occupational Medicine, Epidemiology and Prevention,
    North Shore University Hospital
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Kenneth Richard Spaeth, MD

  • Assistant Professor, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
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