Prenatal care

Our approach

Our expert team understands the significance of looking at your prenatal care in phases. First, during the preconception phase, we do our best to educate you on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and everything that will influence a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, we emphasize early prenatal care. The sooner we can start monitoring your pregnancy, the more time we will have to ensure every aspect of your care is fine-tuned.

When it comes to prenatal care, our extraordinary commitment to well-rounded care sets us apart. Our expertise spans all the specialties necessary for a healthy pregnancy. In addition, we consider our care coordinators to be the glue of those specialties. Our care coordinators will organize and manage every aspect of your and your baby’s care.

Throughout every trimester of your pregnancy, you can think of each of our experts as a helping hand and a readily accessible resource for any questions or concerns.

 From before you conceive to after you deliver, we're here to offer you and 
your baby a higher standard of care
From before you conceive to after you deliver, we're here to offer you and your baby a higher standard of care
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Prenatal care is a crucial component of your pregnancy. The experts at Northwell Health recognize the importance of caring for you throughout every trimester of your pregnancy. We address prenatal care in two stages: preconception care and real prenatal care.

During preconception care, we take time to educate you on nutrition, exercise, reducing stress and other factors that will contribute to a successful pregnancy.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, we start to map out a precise plan of testing and checkups.

If you’re between the ages of 18-35 years old and don’t have any specific medical conditions, your prenatal care visits should be planned:

  • Every four to six weeks for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every two to three weeks from your 28-36 weeks
  • Every week from your 36th week until delivery

Your doctor may alter these visits to fit your specific condition. 

Reasons for treatment

Prenatal care is vital to a healthy, successful pregnancy. Prenatal checkups can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications by helping you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan, in addition to managing conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Prenatal checkups allow you to keep track of your baby’s growth and development, schedule any necessary tests and learn more about labor and delivery. 


Factors that could put your pregnancy at risk include:

  • Existing conditions, such as high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome and diabetes
  • Poor nutritional habits
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco use

Treatment preparation

When preparing for prenatal care, our professionals rely on an open channel of communication. We encourage you to bring up any questions or concerns you may have so we can use our expertise to guide you through a healthy pregnancy. 

What to expect post-delivery

After you have your baby, Northwell Health professionals make it a point to continue your care. We encourage exit-interviews to see how you’re adjusting post-delivery. In addition, your physician may take the opportunity to address any additional medical concerns to guarantee you’re at your very best for your baby. 

Obstetrics & Gynecology

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