The neuropsychology service provided as part of the Northwell Health Rehabilitation Network works with individuals with acquired brain injury and a variety of neurological disorders.

A clinical neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist who works with individuals who have symptoms involving memory or thinking skills. Neuropsychologists can work in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient neurology, rehabilitation, and medical.

While all neuropsychologists conduct thorough objective assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses to inform health care, some neuropsychologists may also provide treatment including psychotherapy or cognitive rehabilitation. Individual treatment needs and duration of treatment vary depending on the individual needs.

Services include neuropsychological evaluation to examine current cognitive and emotional functioning to provide treatment recommendations to the medical and rehabilitation team. Additionally, neuropsychological intervention and/or psychotherapy geared towards improving emotional adjustment associated with illness or injury may be provided. Treatment needs and duration varies from individual to individual. 


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