Vocational Rehabilitation

Multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms can make it difficult to find a job that’s right for you. But if it’s important for you to be in the workforce, we can assist you in your efforts to obtain employment.

Vocational rehabilitation is focused therapy that helps you understand your capabilities in the workplace and assists you throughout the process of finding a job, from interview preparation to adjusting to life in your new position. Your care team can work with you on a number of issues, from occupational therapy and assistance with everyday tasks, to counseling sessions to help you adjust to the new challenges of a job and your work environment.

Your team will work with you first on an assessment of your skills, abilities and potential, to develop a plan for helping you find the right position, and then work with you on the transition into your new job. Our team will also coordinate with your employer to make sure your workplace environment is safe and efficient for you. The main goal is to help you find a job that's a good fit.


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