The TrueBeam system delivers radiation using the most advanced and latest technologies available. The delivery system allows the most precise and accurate delivery of radiation therapy, which decreases the treatment time needed to deliver the radiation. TrueBeam rotates around the patient to deliver the prescribed radiation dose from nearly every angle.

By combining image guidance and beam delivery, the system can accurately and precisely target tumors. The system has real-time imaging tools that allow for visualization of the tumor. Imaging also provides a view into how the tumor moves along with the patient’s breathing patterns. By having this information, the clinician can synchronize the treatment delivery with the patient’s breathing.

Since the treatment is more precise and can be delivered faster, this allows less radiation to normal organs and more doses to target volumes which may increase the effectiveness and decrease side effects.

Our approach

By providing TrueBeam, Northwell Health gives patients the precise treatments with the potential for increased effectiveness and decreased side effects.

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