The TomoTherapy System delivers radiation treatments to help destroy cancer cells and offers unique advantages compared to other radiation systems because of its integrated computed tomography (CT) scanner.

The TomoTherapy System enables clinicians to take low-dose, 3-D CT images of every patient, every day of treatment. With these images, the physician can check the size, shape and location of the patient’s tumor before every treatment begins and compare them with previous images to make sure the TomoTherapy System sends the radiation to only the tumor-site, minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs. Should the tumor size or location change throughout the course of radiation treatment, the physician can make real time adjustments to the treatment plan based on the up-to-date view of anatomy that they receive from the system.

Since the system avoids healthy tissue, patients are often spared unpleasant side effects that accompany traditional radiation therapy.

The TomoTherapy System also allows a reduced number of daily treatments. While conventional radiation therapy systems require up to nine weeks of daily treatment, TomoTherapy System treatment lasts between five to seven weeks, and in some cases, it can be completed in less than two weeks.

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Among the TomoTherapy services available at Northwell Health, the Department of Radiation Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital offers the TomoHDA™ System, which uses interactive planning for efficient delivery of highly customized and accurate radiation treatment. 

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