Intraoperative radiation therapy


Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) involves the application of a single large dose of radiation, using low-energy x-rays or electrons, at the time of surgery.

Intraoperative radiation has also been used to treat a variety of tumors after surgery, including gastrointestinal cancers, sarcomas, and most recently breast cancer. The results for breast cancer have been highly successful. With at least five years of follow-up for breast cancer patients with early stage breast cancer treated with IORT, results show local control rates of roughly 95 to 98 percent.

Patients who are treated with intraoperative radiation may be able to avoid five to six weeks of postoperative radiation.

Our approach

Northwell Health offers breast cancer patients INTRABEAM® intraoperative radiation therapy. It is administered following tumor removal at the time of a lumpectomy. The patient receives therapeutic radiation immediately and precisely delivered exactly where they need it, where the cancer was removed. This precise delivery minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue. 

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