NICO BrainPath Surgery

NICO BrainPath Surgery

The NICO BrainPath technology offers a minimally invasive surgical technique that enables surgeons to remove brain tumors once considered to be inoperable. This innovative approach is a safe, effective surgical solution for removing tumors, blood clots and other growths located deep within the brain.

The unique design of BrainPath allows surgeons to operate without cutting through the brain’s white matter (the tissue responsible for cognitive and functional responses). As a result, damage to areas of the brain that control speech, memory, vision and other functions are avoided or significantly minimized.

The two-piece system consists of a clear plastic sheath around a smooth, cylindrical tool with a specially designed tip. The BrainPath enters the brain through an opening smaller than a dime, allowing the surgeon to then navigate through the brain’s natural folds and fiber tracts, carefully displacing brain tissue. Once at the location of the abnormality, the surgeon removes the cylinder from the sheath, leaving the sheath in place to create a portal or narrow corridor through which the surgeon operates. When the surgeon removes the BrainPath tool, the brain tissue can return to its original position.

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