Gait Evaluation

If you have multiple sclerosis, or MS, your gait, or the way you walk, may be affected. There are a number of factors that might contribute to a feeling of unsteadiness on your feet, including natural fatigue that comes with MS, or nerve damage caused by poor coordination or balance. Whatever the cause, it’s important to check in with your medical team if you’re having trouble walking so they can evaluate where your problem may be coming from and recommend some solutions for you.

The first thing your team will probably want to do is conduct a gait evaluation. You will be asked to stand and walk so the team can observe you and look for sources of your gait disturbance. In fact, simply by watching you walk, your physician can pinpoint possible weaknesses and causes.

Gait evaluation is an important aspect of your MS treatment, so be sure to contact your team if you are feeling unsteady or having trouble walking.


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