Epilepsy Medication

If you have epilepsy, there are a number of epilepsy medication options for you to consider. It’s important to work closely with your health care providers to develop the best epilepsy therapy treatment for you. The physicians and nurses at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center will assist you in making the decisions involved in epilepsy medications and treatments.

Each patient reacts differently to anti-epileptic medications, so your team will consider factors including potential side effects, seizure types, frequency and severity of seizures, age, sex, overall health and medical history before they prescribe medication. The team also considers your unique situation; for example, if you are a woman who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant, your treatment options will vary.

There are potential side effects of epilepsy medications, which can occur in 5 percent to 10 percent of patients. Some patients experience a rash, nausea, upset stomach, lethargy, dizziness, diarrhea or blurred vision. In most cases, you will not experience any side effects, or they may be minor. The severity of side effects will likely depend on the type of medication, dose and length of epilepsy treatment. Side effects are typically worse at higher doses, but they may become less severe over time as your body adjusts to your new medication. Contact your physician or a member of your team if you are experiencing any adverse reactions to a medication.

You may need to try more than one drug, or a combination of drugs, to find your ideal treatment. Combining drugs can be complex, because some epilepsy medications can interact with others or increase the possibility of unwanted side effects, but your team will help you if problems occur.

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center is an active center in the study and development of anti-epileptic medications, and the Center's experts are dedicated to researching new medications and treatments for epilepsy.


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