Carotid stenosis care

What is carotid stenosis?

  • Carotid stenosis is a condition that involves the carotid arteries, which are the two arteries on either side of the neck. You can feel your pulse in these arteries.
  • Carotid stenosis is a narrowing of these carotid arteries, primarily due to the deposit of fat and cholesterol.

At Northwell Health Neuroscience Institute we offer comprehensive consultations and evaluations to help ensure patients receive the best treatment for carotid stenosis, or carotid artery disease, based on their individual needs. Patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis may opt for either surgical or nonsurgical treatments, depending upon their evaluation.

How is carotid stenosis treated?

  • Fellowship-trained, board certified vascular neurologists may treat carotid stenosis with both surgical and nonsurgical options.
  • Medical therapy can be an excellent alternative for many patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis.
  • Our experts in medical therapy and surgical interventions offer both carotid stenting (a procedure in which a small, meshed tube is inserted into the artery to expand it and allow for normal blood flow) and endarterectomy (a procedure used to clear arteries blocked by deposits).

At Northwell Health Neuroscience Institute, comprehensive evaluations and management of patients with symptomatic and asymptotic carotid stenosis are provided. A trial to study how well carotid stenosis patients improve after surgery is also offered.

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