Reynaud's phenomenon

Like with many other conditions that cause pain of the extremities, Reynaud’s Phenomenon is a result of hindered blood flow. With Reynaud’s Phenomenon, fingers and toes are affected in episodic attacks, called vasospastic attacks. During these attacks, blood vessels constrict as a result of cold temperatures and/or emotional stress. The result is skin color changes, numbness, throbbing and tingling. Typically, the blood flow will remain low until the skin is rewarmed.

The goal in treating Reynaud’s Phenomenon is to minimize the number and severity of attacks and to prevent tissue damage and the loss of digits. Often, nondrug treatments are effective. However, in more serious cases, there are medications and surgical options that can help prevent attacks from occurring.

If you suffer from Reynaud’s Phenomenon, it’s very important to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. 

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