Black Widow Spider bites

Most spider bites produce only minor symptoms like localized itching and swelling. However, black widow spider bites are more serious and can cause a variety of painful symptoms that require treatment.

At first, the bite of a black widow can seem relatively minor – feeling like only a pinprick. Some individuals are not even aware that they’ve been bitten. However, more serious symptoms begin in the hours following the bite. These include:

  • Localized pain followed by severe muscle cramps, abdominal pain, weakness and tremor
  • Nausea, vomiting, faintness and dizziness
  • Respiratory difficulties

While it’s rare for a black widow spider bite to be fatal, the pain can be severe, especially in small children and the elderly.

If you’re suffering from pain associated with a black widow spider bite, there are treatment options available. The experts at the Pain Center can diagnose and eliminate or reduce your pain with the most advanced treatment options.   

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