Microsurgical Resection

Microsurgical Resection

If your child has a hypothalamic hamartoma, your medical team will work with you to find the best options for treatment. Your doctor may recommend a surgery called microsurgical resection to remove the tumor causing the problems.

Most hamartomas can be safely removed using computer-guided navigation to target the tumors for removal. Your surgeon will make small holes in the skull and brain, and will access and remove the tumor with an endoscopic device called a micromanipulator. Controlled by the physician and driven by computer, the micromanipulator allows the neurosurgeon to navigate through vessels and chambers in the brain in order to locate and remove the tumor.

Surgical resection of the hamartoma can result in helping your child lead a normal or very much improved life. With this type of hypothalamic hamartoma surgery, many patients experience complete relief in seizures and behavioral abnormalities.


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